Empower the Little Loves in Your Life

In today’s fast-paced world, our children can struggle with big pressures. We all want the people we love most to feel self-confident, resilient and positive about life. But sometimes it can be tough to find the tools we need to help guide them.

At Smiling Minds Collective, we have a range of different products to encourage positive emotional and mental wellbeing in your little loves.

8 Signs Your Child Would Benefit From Journaling

8 Signs Your Child Would Benefit From Journaling

Is your child in need of a creative outlet for their emotions and thoughts? From navigating emotions to fostering self-awareness, journaling can empower children in ways you may never have...

Lunchbox Love

What a perfect way to tell your kids all the things you wish you told them more often, every single day. These lunchbox love cards, illustrated by Aussie artist Art by D Till, feature water colour pictures of our great Flora & Fauna with sayings that will bring a smile to any child's face.

Patience Pebbles

These Patience Pebbles will bring a calming effect into your family home as your little one discovers the art of mindfulness through play.