Guys Guide to Puberty

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This book is jammed packed with need-to-know information, messages of respect and positive vibes to help tweens face puberty with confidence.

With the help of comics, real-life stories and inspiring quotes, guys will learn about body parts and how they will change, get tips on how to care for their body and emotions (including their brain) and develop a mindset for enjoying life now and into the future.  It’s fun, engaging and purpose built for young minds aged 8 – 12. 


SECTION 1:  Talking to Adults 

Who is a trusted adult – Choosing trusted adults – Feelings about puberty 

SECTION 2: Puberty Basics

What is puberty? – When will it start? – What should I expect? – Stages of Puberty

SECTION 3: Hello Private Parts! 

The inside bits – The outside bits – More about Penis, Testicles and Sperm

SECTION 4: Body Changes  

What changes will happen – Growth spurts – Pubic hair – Even more hair – Erections –  Ejaculating – Body shape – New Feelings – Voice deepens 

SECTION 6: About Girls’ Bodies 

Basic changes girls go through including periods – How to be a good friend to girls 

SECTION 7: Looking After You

How to care for your changing body – Facts about pimples – About sleep, exercise and play  -Protecting your body – Tricky questions 

SECTION 8: Inside Your Brain 

Brain changes – What this means for you – How parents can help – New friends and ideas – Liking someone – Bad hair days 

SECTION 9: The Future 

More conversations – Becoming an adult you – Puberty to-do list

Your Puberty Vocabulary Guide